Oz Farm Kid's Care Sachets Carton (8 * 8 * 52.8g)

Oz Farm Kid's Care Sachets Carton (8 * 8 * 52.8g)

In consideration of portability and convenience, OZ Farm specifically designed Kid's Care formula in sachet package in order to help children to take the essential nutrition when at school or in travel.

Oz Farm Kid's Care is a great tasting vanilla flavoured complete nutrition formula and food for special medical purposes for children aged 1-10 years.

Kid's Care is made from a specialised composition of dairy based powders enhanced with vitamins and minerals to create a nutritionally advanced product.

Kid's Care contains essential nutrients to support healthy growth and development of children with picky eating behaviour particularly those with a reduced appetite. Kid's Care contains the added nutritional benefits of nucleotides, ARA and DHA and it is suitable as a sole source of nutrition or supplement for children.