Health Care


Enriched nutrition for Vitality, Strength, Illness & Recovery

As we age our nutritional needs change; often matching a change in our diets and our appetites. It remains essential however, to ensure you get the vital nutrition necessary to maintain strength, energy and your immune system.

Specially formulated to promote and maintain good health particularly for bone strength and repair, rebuilding muscle mass and cell growth as well as vital vitamins and minerals for general well-being.

Health Care is also a low GI formulation designed to regulate blood sugar levels and insulin response. High in calcium for bone strength and high in vitamin D to support calcium absorption. Oz Farm Health Care tastes delicious and is easy to digest – making it the perfect nutritional support for aged care.

Product Benefits:

  • Now with Lactium - clinically proven to reduce stress-related symptoms, sleep and digestive disorders
  • 22 Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • Good source of Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D & Magnesium
  • Low in Saturated Fat & Gluten-free
  • Low in sodium
  • Low GI formulation
  • Easy to digest & absorb
  • Low GI to help regulate sugar levels & insulin response
  • High in vitamin D to support calcium absorption
  • Great tasting meal replacement
  • Makes 8 litres

OZ Farm Health Care Formula is ideal when:

  • You have a loss of appetite
  • You need a more balanced diet
  • Your intake is reduced due to illness or surgery
  • You have experienced weight loss
  • You have increased energy needs

Health Care formula can be consumed as a drink or added to fruit to make smoothies. Health Care is suitable as a meal support or supplement, particularly when eating solid foods prove difficult.

It is recommended that Oz Farm Health Care formula be used in consultation with a healthcare specialist.