Oz Farm Eucalyptus Honey – 2 x 500g jar

Oz Farm Eucalyptus Honey – 2 x 500g jar


A delicious certified honey for everyday use, Oz Farm Eucalyptus Honey has a subtle taste of Australian eucalyptus for a truly Australian experience. Bees make honey from a wide variety of flowers – among them, the native Eucalyptus tree. The result of honey made from Eucalyptus flowers is a uniquely

flavorsome honey that encapsulates the taste of Australia. Enjoy your Eucalyptus Honey as you would enjoy any honey: on food, in food or in drinks. Yum!

Due to quarantine restrictions, currently we can only accept orders from NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT and NT. We currently cannot ship to WA or TAS.

Caring for your honey

Honey has an incredibly long shelf life, but over time honey might crystallize or appear to alter its texture. Normally this is due to the environment it is stored in and temperature variations. It is important to note that this does NOT mean the honey has gone bad or that you should throw it out. 

So what should I do if my honey has crystallized?

Very simply place the jar of honey in a saucepan or in a sink and fill with hot water (around the same temperature that you would do the dishes, just be careful you don’t scald yourself!). Leave the honey in the water until the water goes cold.

DO NOT place the container in a microwave, as the container may shatter or melt. Also, honey exposed to great temperatures can lose its health benefits and crystallize.

Finally, avoid using contaminated utensils in honey (as you scoop it out of the jar for example). Other foods and bacteria introduced into the honey can also promote crystallization.