Boosting Your Child's Immunity

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Childhood is a time of sniffles and sneezes – as well as a host of other illnesses that can impact your child's immunity, simply through their contact with the variety of children and adults in their lives at child-care, kindergarten, and school. 

If there are other children in the house too, the impact can be even greater – with what can feel like an endless assortment of colds, flu, viruses, and infections transferring from one family member to the next, in a vicious cycle of sickness that can compromise the immunity of your little ones.  

To help them fight back and boost their health levels to help ward off those annoying illnesses, supplements, such as OzFarm Kid's Care, can be a stress-free solution to boost nutritional intake without the arguments fussy eaters can inspire.

To help you boost your child's immunity for better health, here are some basic tips any parent can follow for a happier and healthier household:  


Alleviating the effects of this can make a huge difference to energy levels. Offer clear fluids, such as water, broth (for kids over 1), or store-bought electrolyte solutions. Maintaining fluids is vital for good health and boosted immunity and it helps prevent dehydration. Just remember to avoid juice and soft drinks, even if you think it makes your child feel happier in the short-term by having a 'treat'. Fact is, the sugar can make diarrhea even worse. 

A regular, healthy diet of binding foods, such as rice, ripe bananas, and cooked veggies, can all help boost your child's immunity. 


Offering prunes or prune juice helps stimulate bowel function and a healthy diet that contains regular servings of high-fibre foods, such as fresh apples, oranges, carrots, and celery, plus plenty of fresh water, helps keep your child's bowel movements regular.  


A regular diet is fine in this case but, because children with high fevers usually don't have much of an appetite, so make a point of offering little snack-sized meals throughout the day. Bite-sized morsels of fresh fruit and veggies, with the added pleasure of some dips or sauces to tempt their taste-buds, can make a difference to their intake. Fluids are always important and water is always best. 

Sore throat 

For children over the age of 1, it's okay to offer warm, non-caffeinated tea with honey. Smoothies made with Kid’s Care Complete Nutrition Formula or ice-cream smoothies with or without fruit and a touch of honey can add lots of goodness and can help ease a sore throat while getting your child's nutrition back on track to fight illness.  

Kid’s Care

Oz Farm Kid’s Care is a nutritious shake that kid’s love; better still it's packed with 25 vitamins and minerals and essential micro and macro nutrients. Kid’s Care is specially formulated to promote healthy growth and development, particularly children who are picky eaters, have lost their appetite, or have increased energy needs.  

Remember – if any health issues persist, seeing your GP is important.  

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