Oz Farm Kid's Care Plus


Oz Farm Kid's Care Plus Nutrition Milk Formula for Children 3+

Kid's Care Plus Nutritional Milk Powder goes beyond supporting your children's growth and development. Specially formulated to address various needs such as dietary limitations, picky eating habits, and additional support during illnesses, our enhanced formula now includes CBP (Colostrum Alkaline Protein), CA (Calcium), PS (Phosphatidylserine), Lutein, N-Acetylneuraminic Acid (Swallow's Nest Acid), DHA, ARA, Probiotics, and Prebiotics. With more than a 30 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, Kid's Care Plus is your trusted choice, ensuring your children to receive comprehensive nutrition for daily growth."


Full Of Nutrition For Kids' Daily Growth

  • Bone & Muscles: CBP (Colostrum Basic Protein) + CA (Calcium)
  • Eyes: PS (Phosphatidylserine) + Lutein
  • Brain: N-Acetylneuraminic Acid (Swallow's Nest Acid) + DHA +ARA
  • Gut: Probiotics & Prebiotics

Nutritional Information

Kid's Care Plus Nutritional Milk Powder delivers nutrients essential to your growing child's nutritional needs, including: 

It's essential that our kids get the nutrition that their bodies need for energy, growth, good health and learning.
Oz Farm Kid's Care Plus is an updated nutritious formula that kid's love; better still its packed with more than 30 vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Kid's Care Plus is specially formulated to promote healthy growth and development, particularly children who are picky eaters, have lost their appetite, or have increased energy needs.



This food is for special medical purposes and must be used under medical supervision. Kid's Care is suitable for use as a sole source of nutrition and is not for parenteral use.


Serving suggestion

Add 5 scoops (approx. 43g) of Oz Farm Kid's Care Plus Nutritional Milk Formula to 200 ml of warm water (below 50°C) or cold water, stir until dissolved. Recommended 2 serves per day.


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