Oz Farm Clinches Multiple Awards at DIAA 2023

Oz Farm has once again proved its commitment to excellence by securing a series of prestigious awards at the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA) Awards 2023.

The DIAA Awards are widely recognized as a benchmark for excellence in the dairy industry, and Oz Farm's achievements in this year's event have reaffirmed its status as a provider of good-quality products. The company's dedication to delivering nutritional solutions for all stages of life has been duly acknowledged with an impressive array of awards.


Silver Accolades for Exceptional Products

Oz Farm's dedication to providing high-quality nutrition is exemplified by the Silver awards received for several of its products:

  • Oz Farm HealthCare Aged Care Formula 900g: This specialized formula, tailored to the needs of seniors, has been recognized for its excellence in the aged care category.
  • OZ Farm Kid's Care Formula 900g: Designed to meet the nutritional needs of growing children, this product received a Silver award, reflecting its quality and suitability for kids.
  • Oz Farm Pregnant Mother Formula 800g: Tailored to expectant mothers, this formula also secured a Silver award, emphasizing its significance in supporting maternal health.
  • Oz Farm Gold Infant Formula 900g: This product, ideal for infants, garnered a Silver award, highlighting its quality and suitability for young ones.
  • Oz Farm Gold Follow-On Formula 900g: A Silver award was also bestowed upon this formula, recognizing its role in providing essential nutrients to infants as they grow.
  • Oz Farm Super Platinum Infant HMO Formula 800g: This innovative formula, enriched with Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), earned a Silver award for its exceptional composition.
  • Oz Farm Super Platinum Toddler HMO Formula 800g: Similar to its infant counterpart, this toddler formula featuring HMOs also received a Silver accolade.


Gold Recognition for Excellence

Oz Farm's commitment to quality and innovation was further emphasized with a Gold award:

  • Oz Farm Gold Toddler Formula 900g: Recognized with a Gold award, this toddler formula stands out as an exceptional choice for growing toddlers.
  • Oz Farm Super Platinum Follow-On HMO Formula 800g: The addition of HMOs to this follow-on formula earned it a Gold award, highlighting its innovation and nutritional value.

Oz Farm's dedication to producing top-tier nutritional products, designed to cater to the diverse needs of consumers, has been rewarded with this impressive array of awards at the DIAA 2023 event. These accolades reflect Oz Farm's unwavering commitment to excellence in the dairy industry and its mission to provide high-quality nutrition for individuals at every stage of life. As a brand trusted by many, Oz Farm continues to raise the bar for quality and innovation in the field of dairy and nutrition.