OZ FARM Joins Hands with Charity Organization Foodbank to Share the Warmth of Love

Recently, we had the privilege of witnessing a heartwarming and incredibly positive act of philanthropy.

OZ FARM, a renowned company known for its high-quality dairy products, has been committed to making a positive impact on society since its establishment 13 years ago. Following their initial donation of over $100,000 AUD worth of infant formula to Foodbank in 2020 and their support of the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation in Melbourne with a cash donation of $150,000 AUD from 2019 to 2021, OZ FARM once again demonstrated its dedication to philanthropy on August 30, 2023, by donating over $110,000 AUD worth of premium OZ FARM infant formula to the charitable organization Foodbank.

FOOD BANK is a non-profit organization in Australia dedicated to collecting, storing, and distributing food to help those facing food insecurity. They collaborate with food suppliers, retailers, farms, and other partners to gather donated food and redistribute it to those in need. Through their work, FOOD BANK embodies values of compassion, care, and hope in society.


Grateful Gathering: FOOD BANK Leadership Visits OZ FARM

On the day of the donation ceremony, leaders from FOOD BANK visited OZ FARM to express their heartfelt gratitude for this generous gesture. Amidst the melodious music, representatives from both organizations witnessed this touching moment. The leaders of FOOD BANK and OZ FARM CEO Bruce, along with key team members, exchanged firm handshakes, a simple gesture filled with boundless emotion. In their speech, the leaders of FOOD BANK expressed that OZ FARM's generous donation will help many people in need and contribute significantly to the cause of public welfare.


OZ FARM's Philanthropic Journey

Since its inception in 2010, the OZ FARM brand has consistently been committed to philanthropy.

From 2019 to 2021, OZ FARM supported the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation in Melbourne with a donation of $150,000 AUD. They were recognized as strategic partners for the 150th-anniversary celebration of the Royal Children's Hospital and even had their own exclusive mascot, YOYO, for the occasion. The Royal Children's Hospital, as a free public hospital, was established in 1870 with just six rooms. Today, it stands as a world-leading specialized children's hospital, and OZ FARM's partnership with its foundation aimed to provide the highest quality services to children and their families.


OZ FARM Cares for Disabled Children

The Melbourne Disabled Children's Christmas Carnival is a purely philanthropic event designed to bring joy to disabled children. OZ FARM has not only provided financial support and gifts over the years but has also organized its employees to volunteer at these celebrations, hoping that their small efforts can bring a ray of light to these children and their families.


Spreading Positive Energy Through Action

Since its establishment 13 years ago, OZ FARM has contributed a total value of over $370,000 AUD in donations of funds and goods.

Each can of OZ FARM infant formula is not just a material donation but an extension of love, allowing those in difficult circumstances to feel both warmth and the care of society. Every penny represents our commitment and giveback to society. We firmly believe that sincere assistance can bring sunshine and hope to these families. In today's society, love and care are the most precious wealth, and OZ FARM has demonstrated this principle through its tangible actions.

Through these philanthropic activities, we have witnessed OZ FARM's sense of social responsibility and how the transmission of love can warm hearts. Let us cherish these touching moments and continue to pass on this positive energy!