Ageing Gracefully Through Good Nutrition

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Ageing gracefully is an artform, and healthy ageing isn’t just about avoiding wrinkles! Every part of our body is ageing every minute of every day, so it is important to make sure that our diet provides us with the vital nutrition we need to support the thousands of functions of a healthy body.

Key Nutrients 

Preserving the health of our bones as we age helps to keep us fit and strong, after all our bones do more than hang clothes off us and hold us up. Our bones are involved in maintaining good health, storing minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus; and bone marrow helps to produce both red and white blood cells which deliver nutrients around the body and form part of the immune system. Calcium is the key mineral alongside vitamin D that most people know are necessary for the structure of bones. However, other nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and protein are also important for supporting bone structure.  Ensuring that the diet contains adequate amounts of these minerals helps to keep bones healthy and strong. Health Care with Lactium® contains 50% of your recommended daily intake (RDI) of calcium, 25% of your zinc and magnesium requirements, and almost 50% of the RDI for vitamin D per serve. 


Keeping our bones healthy is not only about what we eat, it’s also about what we do! Regular moderate weight bearing exercise is recommended to help maintain bone health as it improves the health of our muscles and plays an important role in maintaining and improving bone density. Magnesium, vitamin D and protein all contribute to the growth and function of muscles1. The quality of life we experience as we age can be affected by the health of our bones and muscles so it is important to care for them today, so they can carry you through tomorrow. 

Daily Nutrition 

Keeping on top of our daily nutrition when life gets busy or when you’re feeling unwell can be hard. Taking steps every day to eat fruits and vegetables and get moving out in the fresh air can help to maintain good health. For those times when a little extra nutrition is needed, Health Care with Lactium® can be taken up to twice a day to boost your nutritional intake of protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Ageing gracefully is an artform and good nutrition is the key. 

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