Self-care for New Mums

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As a mother, often the last person in the family that you take care of is yourself. There’s always other people and other things to be taken care of, whether it’s your newborn, your children, your partner or the house! Creating space for self-care is as important for your own health as it is your family’s. Whether you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, try these self-care tips made especially for new mums.

Me Time

Carving out some “me time” doesn’t have to involve hours of preparation, it could be something as simple as pouring a cup of tea and sitting in the garden or at the window. If your little one is taking a nap, use this time to do something you love - whether it’s a warm and relaxing bath, throwing on a facemask, soaking your feet with your favourite essential oils, painting your nails, or maybe taking a nap yourself. 


Yes, it’s true, this is the time of your life where your sleep will be probably the most disjointed and messy as it has ever been! You’ll be running on adrenaline (and love) for your little one, but at some point your body will give up and say, “Sleep time!” Avoid fatigue by napping when your baby naps, asking your partner and family to help with feeds and nappy changes, so that you get the rest that your body needs.


Good food goes hand in hand with good sleep. Nourishing your body will help you to take care of your own health and the health of your newborn. Pregnancy will have brought many new feelings (and often cravings) surrounding food, and new motherhood is no different. Make sure that you’re supporting yourself by eating regularly and getting any nutritional supplements that you may need.

Ask for Help

This is a big one! There is often the feeling that you, as a new mum, should be doing it all alone, should be doing it perfectly, should be coping etc. The good new is, that asking for help is a way to involve your partner, family and friends in the wonderful process of nurturing a new life. A simple way to get the help you need is inviting a close friend over to mind baby while you enjoy an uninterrupted shower, or shave your legs, or sit in meditation for 10 minutes.


Try these self-care tips for new mums, share them with other women in your life so that they can benefit as well. If you are interested in getting some support with your nutrition as a new mother, try Oz Farm’s Mother Care, specially formulated for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Mother Care contains key nutrients to help with energy production and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue including magnesium, iron, and vitamins B6, B12 and C.

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