Tips for a Happier, Healthier Christmas

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Christmas: it’s the most anticipated and celebrated time of year.

So why do we tend to feel worse for wear by the end of it?

Well, it’s called the ‘silly season’ for a reason. There’s a tendency to over-do pretty much everything: eat too much, drink too much and stress over every little detail.

Here are our five tips for having a happier and healthier Christmas:

1. Stress Less

Between buying the perfect presents, preparing food and juggling multiple get-togethers, it’s no wonder we find ourselves feeling frazzled. If we don’t take a moment to stop and put things in perspective, we can end up resenting what should be a joyful time. Remember: there are 365 days in a year and Christmas is just one of them!

HOW: Keep it simple. Have a buffet lunch and ask everyone to bring a dish. Suggest a ‘Secret Santa’, where you each buy a gift for just one person instead of the entire extended family. Delegate tasks to others and don’t feel you have to do everything yourself!


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2. Cook for our Climate

While traditional turkey, roast vegetables and fruit pudding are perfect festive foods for the Northern Hemisphere, many people find them too hot and heavy for our mid-summer Christmas.

HOW: Barbecued seafood, salads and chilled desserts are ideal choices for an Aussie Christmas feast. These foods are lighter, cooler and don’t require any sweltering away over a hot stove!

3. Drink Light

It’s nice to celebrate Christmas with a glass of bubbles or two. But if you’re attending multiple get-togethers, those boozy beverages can quickly add up and leave you feeling a little seedy.

HOW: Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones, like these fancy Christmas mocktails. Or opt for lighter alternatives like sangria (wine diluted with juice), a wine spritzer (wine and soda) or cold cider. Say no to drink top-ups if your glass is still semi-full; this makes it easier to keep track of how many you’ve had.


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4. Get Up & Move

Ever feel like you spend all of Christmas day going from one family gathering to another, just eating, drinking and sitting around? No wonder we end up feeling so bloated and sluggish.

HOW: Schedule some ‘activity time’ into your family’s Christmas day plans. A post-lunch walk, a swim at the beach or a game of cricket will aid digestion and work wonders for everyone’s mood.

5. Give to Those Who Need It

While family gift-giving is always nice, doing something good for those less fortunate than ourselves can feel even more rewarding – and helps kids understand the real spirit of Christmas.

HOW: There are plenty of charities needing extra help at Christmas time. You could take the kids shopping for small gifts to donate to a Women’s Refuge or put $20 into their Christmas stockings for them to donate to a charity of their choice. Many charities are also seeking bucket collectors for their Christmas appeals. Find a cause that resonates with your family, and go for it!

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