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Tips for a Happier, Healthier Christmas

Posted by Adele Henderson on

Christmas: it’s the most anticipated and celebrated time of year.

So why do we tend to feel worse for wear by the end of it?

Well, it’s called the ‘silly season’ for a reason. There’s a tendency to over-do pretty much everything: eat too much, drink too much and stress over every little detail.

Here are our five tips for having a happier and healthier Christmas:

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5 Habits of Healthy Families

Posted by Adele Henderson on

healthy family riding bikes

We all wish for a happy and healthy family. But with the pressures of work, the impact of technology and kids’ aversion to all things leafy and green, keeping your loved ones well can be easier said than done. 

Experts agree the key is taking a team approach, involving both kids and adults alike. Everyone is more likely to stick to healthy lifestyle choices when working together.

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